Assistance League of Anaheim

Assistance League® of Anaheim presents our newest program: Cultural Arts Support.

This program strives to bring cultural experiences to our community. Our impact will reach families who may never have an opportunity to see a live theatrical performance (Pearson Park Live), help teens and veterans find their voice and empower them to take positive bold steps for their future (Teens Speak Up! and Veteran Speak Up!), help Anaheim Union High School students be recognized for their achievement in the fine arts (AUHSD Color and Light Awards), and allow children of all ages to participate in creative activities with others in their community (Anaheim Children’s Art Festival).

Pearson Park Live

An annual production of a professional live theatrical performance under the stars at Pearson Park will be produced for the benefit the community. Over 2,500 free tickets will be given to families who would not otherwise have an opportunity to experience live theatre.

Assistance League of Anaheim
Assistance League of Anaheim

Teens Speak Up!

The Assistance League of Anaheim provides scholarships for at-risk teens who have a strong need for an empowering, life-affirming activity, who need an outlet to be creative and use their imagination, and who need to gain self-esteem. These teens attend the Teens Speak Up program offered by the Chance Theater in Anaheim. Over six weeks, they create a work of devised theater that is entirely their own and ‘Speak Up’ on issues that are important in their lives. At the end of the workshop, community members, family and friends witness the teens’ stories played out on-stage at the Chance Theater. This program also serves youth on the autism spectrum with Spectrum Speak Up.

Veterans Speak Up!

Assistance League provides scholarships to veterans so they are able to attend the Chance Theater’s program that presents an opportunity for veterans to overcome post-traumatic stress syndrome by using drama, script writing and on-stage listening and responses. Like the teen program, this intensive “speak up” program culminates in live performances that educate the public of the veterans’ experiences and heals wounds created by years of silence and emotional suppression. Assistance League of Anaheim is proud to be a provide these two programs, operated by the Chance Theater, to people in need.

Assistance League of Anaheim
Assistance League of Anaheim

Children’s Art Fest

We make this one day festival possible by providing booths, as well as artistic assistance, in a one-day festival where the whole community is invited to share in live theatre, dance, poetry and musical performances as well as hands-on arts and craft projects all at no cost. Other community organizations also participate in the fun by sponsoring a booth or art project helping to bring Anaheim together in a day of family-friendly fun.

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